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The Detailed Review: BlueHost

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If you are interested in getting your own blog up and running, SiteBlog.com are a great choice for making it happen. Offering lots of blog templates, a great platform to build the site on and some very useful blogging tools, Site Blog are tearing up the blog community, being quickly recognised as one of the top companies in the blog building market. It’s not just the final product which is impressive however, the price is great too.

Value for Money

SiteBlog offer a 100% free blog which includes a subdomain. So you can have a blog live on the internet for free. With upgrade options starting from $4.99, getting a fully personalised blog online with no knowledge of coding has never been cheaper. Simply choose your custom domain, pick your perfect template (from a bank of thousands) and then start blogging to the world. Develop your site by adding an image from their library or use the included SEO tools to bump up search engine rankings, all of which makes Site Blog one of the best value for money blog builders online.


Building a blog on SiteBlog.com gives a lot more freedom to the builder than other blog building services do, allowing you to change far more than just the content. Every element is subject to change, you can move it wherever you like, change it to almost whatever you like and it whatever colour you like. This capability takes Site Blog from being just a blogging tool to being more of an out and out website builder.


The templates on SiteBlog are inherently blog oriented, but there are also a lot of miscellaneous templates included for those who want to make blogging a part of their site and not their site in its entirety. The number of templates extends into the high hundreds, but that doesn’t mean quality sacrifices at all, they are all professionally designed and look like they belong in this year (can’t be said for every website builder company’s templates).

Additional Features

As part of the SEO tools are many different useful features, for example, a keyword density analyser which looks at the most common words used on your site. This is a great tool for those who are looking to increase their ranking on search engines, as the keywords used on a site and how often they appear is a big factor Google / Bing / Yahoo take into account when ranking websites.

Guides & Customer Service

Help and Support is delivered 24/7 from ‘in-house, fully trained experts’ at SiteBlog, contact them by email, phone or via their chat service. You can also search through a bank of FAQs which provide surprisingly meaningful and quick answers, which knowledge banks often fail to do. There is not a community of SiteBlog users just yet, so online guides will be seldom seen. Thankfully, Site Blog are attentive in the world of customer service.