Road ID – Wrist ID Slim Review

Never Forget Your Road ID Again

Wrist ID Slim Product ReviewI can’t emphasis enough how important it is that every athlete have some kind of ID. You just never when something might happen, and how it could save your own or a friend’s life.

Back when I reviewed the Wrist ID Elite, I talked about how great of product it is. I really enjoyed the look and overall fit of this Road ID. The one drawback I had, was that it wasn’t comfortable enough and small enough to wear all the time. And what would inevitably happen is that I would go out on my bike or run and then realize that I had left my Road ID at home. This was not a good thing, because a Road ID can’t help you if you don’t wear it.

Enter the Wrist ID Slim. I was thrilled when I saw this product and even more thrilled when I got mine ordered and it arrived so I could test it out.

It’s as slim and as light as a Livestrong bracelet. I have thus far been able to wear it 24/7 without even thinking about. I’ve worn it to bed, to work, and even in the pool swimming. I don’t experience any “wrist sweat” or itching like I would occasionally with the Wrist ID Elite. I also like that I can wear it comfortably on the same wrist as my Garmin Forerunner 305.

The Wrist ID Slim has a great design and looks really sleek. The only thing I don’t like is that Road ID decided to imprint their logo on two different places on the wrist band. With the Wrist ID Elite, they didn’t do this and it looks more classy. I don’t know why they decided to on the slim version, but it is only noticeable up close.

Road ID Wrist BandsThey have up to 8 different color bracelets and you can buy multiple colors and then switch out your name plate to have your wrist band match your kit, mood, or wardrobe. (Although I did have to use a pair of Tweezers to switch out the plate – it isn’t the quickest or easiest process.)

The only negative of this bracelet is that I already have a pretty bad scratch on the ID plate. Because I’ve been wearing it all day, I’m not sure wear it was or what exactly caused this. This makes me a bit concerned that it may not hold up long-term, but I’ll keep wearing it and post an update. I’m not sure if they used a cheaper or less durable steel on the Slim version, but I didn’t have this happen with the Wrist ID Elite, but then I wasn’t wearing the Wrist ID Elite all day either. It’s a trade-off.

The Bottom Line ~

The Wrist ID Slim is a great option for Endurance Athletes that forget to put their Road ID on – like me. It’s a very light, very slim, very comfortable bracelet. It’s looks very athletic and can be worn 24/7 without any bother. The band is available in 8 colors and can be changed with a bit of work. At $15.99 it’s a great price and Road ID’s ordering processing and deliver is easy and fast. I do have a few concerns about the durability of the ID plate as it got a pretty bad scratch after 2 weeks, but I will continue to wear it and provide additional updates in the future.

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10 thoughts on “Road ID – Wrist ID Slim Review

  1. Nice Review. Don’t forget that the ID plates have a lifetime guarantee. So, if it gets too scratched up, Road ID will replace it, no charge.

  2. Just got 2 wrist id slims. One of each (interactive & standard) I got both because my city is a bit behind the times with tech. I asked about a USB medic id originally after speaking with the EMS Supervisor and finding them unable to use them I got the slim. I am wearing both right now until I call and see which is most useful for my local EMS. they are comfortable and the print is nice and bold. The only drawback to the wrist elite is that the sizing can be a little loose so it spins and I occasionally have to adjust it. Small price to pay not to have the clasp which i would find annoying and just one more piece to fail. Overall very satisfied with it.

  3. Wearing ID while out running or cycling make all the sense in the world, but paying too much for the ID doesn’t. A much cheaper, similar ID that I use is made by an Ohio company, Crosstrain ID — their website is (take a guess): — Hope this helps.

    • I placed an order with crosstrain ID after hearing good reviews of their customer service. After ordering I was charged twice for the same item. All emails and phone calls to them have gone unanswered. Nothing has been shipped to me and I am down $25. I wish I had paid the extra $6 and went with RoadID. I would not recommend this company.

      • Shaun,

        Very sorry and surprised to read your post — we pride ourselves on customer service. Feel free to contact us through our website and show documentation of your claim and we will be more than happy to provide a refund if warranted.

  4. The CrossTrainID might be cheaper, but it sucks. I have one and it is badly scratched and hard to read because they are shiney metal instead of matte finish. I only had mine 6 mos, bought a RoadID to replace it, and noticed how much better the RoadID was right out of the box so I wrote a review on CrossTrainID about my experience with their ID. They sent me a brand new one as they guarantee their stuff also. Same deal. Even new, hard to read on the shiney metal. As is, I can’t recommend them until they switch to matte finish.

  5. Jamie,

    We’ve taken your comments to heart and launched our new Thin Silicone Wrist ID. This ID has a matte finish ID tag so it’s more easily read. We’ve also taken steps to replace all of our polished stainless steel ID tags with the matte finish tags.

    We didn’t like seeing your comments, but appreciate your candor and have responded with a solution.

  6. It’s good to see some balanced reviews about Crosstrain ID (website: I found the customer service to be very responsive but not necessarily transparent. For example, reviews on their website that have negative statements get cut short or not are posted at all. While positive reviews are posted in their entirety. That’s concerning and makes me question the business practice of this company. That being said, the quality of the tags themselves are very good BUT! if you purchase the dog tag ID (, the chain and silencer are very cheap. The finish actually wore off on a number of shirts causing irreparable staining. If you’re going to take a chance with this merchant be wary! If you’re going to purchase the dog tag ID replace the chain ASAP before it damages your clothing. I wish that I had known that information beforehand and would have avoided damaging valuable clothing. Crosstrain ID doesn’t help customers by hiding “negative” reviews.

    • JD was offered money back for the Dog Tag ID or a replacement chain, but never responded to the email. I personally wear the Dog Tag ID during my training and racing Triathlons and Marathons and have never had a problem. This review seems a suspicious to us.

  7. Have had sports and an elite. I got run over at work a couple years ago and as I slid down the asphalt the Id info did get scraped beyond use. Luckily I was concious. Edward did replace it free of charge though.

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